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Monday, October 26, 2015

I predict Donald Trump will win next year

So I have been watching the Republican primaries in the USA and there are ridiculous number of candidates and the only one who even stands out from the rest of them and is recognizable is Donald Trump.

He is also the only one who speaks his mind.

Everyone else is basically a nobody next to him. Most of them I look at their name and then go "Who?" and forget their name 5 minutes later.

But Donald has staying power.

He might say some controversial things sometimes, and I am pretty sure he has been on cocaine since the 1980s, but he is the only one who even remotely stands out.

I predict Donald win will. Easily.

Hillary will get trounced by him.

And Bernie Sanders? Ha. That guy, even if he managed to beat Hillary in the primaries has zero chance of winning. He is too much of an elitist / college degree type person. He might be popular with young people who went to college, but against Donald Trump he would be painted as a communist sympathizer and communists will never ever win in the USA.

So it is Trump all the way. Trump guaranteed. I would put money on it.