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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump wins the US Presidency

Last year I predicted Donald Trump will win the US Presidency.

And I was right.

I even made money off of it, because I made a wager online with a gambling website from the UK that allows people to bet on who will win elections. Got pretty good odds too because everyone thought Hillary was going to win.

I was worried too. In the weeks leading up to Donald Trump's victory there was some nasty stuff in the media.

First there was all those rape allegations from women who say they were underage when Donald Trump raped them at sex parties. I am calling BS on that. They might have been underage, but if they lied about their age to go to a sex party with Donald Trump then I am guessing they were getting paid for it. Which means they must be prostitutes and you cannot trust the word of a prostitute.

Then there was those comments Donald Trump said on a bus with a hot mic...

And honestly, I couldn't care less.

So what if he was bragging. Women love it when rich men fondle them and then give them diamonds and stuff. Gold Diggers love free stuff and they put out like any other prostitute to get it. Women are just like that. And if Donald Trump is fondling you, guaranteed you are thinking about money at the time.

And Hillary Clinton really is a nasty woman.

Nobody likes her. Not even her husband, hence why he slept with so many other women. Now that her political career is down the drain, I bet Bill will divorce her so he can marry a younger woman.

However I should note Trump isn't much better. Divorced multiple times. Lots of kids that we know about, more probably that are kept quiet due to lawsuits.

I bet Trump will snorting cocaine off of the breasts of so many prostitutes it will make JFK jealous.

The whole thing about Trump is that he is exactly what America needs.

A quick kick in the butt.

Too many Americans are lazy do nothings, craving after cozy union jobs.

Trump is going to scrap unions. Make people work for their money without all the delays from unions striking. Teachers, road workers, postal employees. Scrap all the unions. Bunch of lazy buggers who don't deserve the higher pay they are getting.

Get rid of NAFTA.

Get rid of all the trade deals that America has with China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, whatever. Just get rid of all the cheap junk that we are letting into the USA.

Then you know what will happen?

Americans who want buy furniture will need to buy stuff MADE IN THE USA.

None of this cheap junk from IKEA or built in China.

Americans who want to buy food will have to buy food GROWN IN THE USA.

None of these weird vegetables from overseas. Freaking vegans are hurting American farmers. It is time for them to grow up and eat meat too.

Americans who want to buy a car will have to buy vehicles BUILT IN THE USA.

None of these cheap imports from Asia or Europe. Time for American cars for Americans!

Now I admit, pulling out of NAFTA will be bad for Canada. At least initially, but when Canadians start doing the same things: Buying food, cars, furniture, etc all made in Canada, then we will benefit from our economy being boosted. Canadian money STAYING in Canada.

At which point America and Canada will be doing so well, people will be demanding Trump become President for Life.

Long Live Trump. President for Life!