Which right wing Canadian party would you rather vote for?

Friday, March 9, 2007

Mission Statement

This blog will be dedicated to providing a conservative viewpoint on politics, but with an eccentric and weird twist.

For starters, as conservative as I am, I don't always vote conservative. Instead I regularly vote Liberal. Why? Because I like to weigh my options. Sometimes the conservative leader is TOO conservative, too right-wing for my tastes. Sometimes the leader just plain scares me.

Case in point: Stephen Harper, the current minority leader of the Conservative Party in Canada, and for the moment, the Prime Minister of Canada with a minority government.

I did not vote for him. Why?

Because he really does scare me.

He's a bean counter. An accountant. A heartless bastard.

And thats not what I'm looking for in a leader of Canada. I'd much more prefer someone like Joe Clark, because he has feeling and heart and personality.

I also don't like the current Conservative parties policies when it comes to war, the economy and the environment. I think they are flirting too much with American politicians (the George W. Bush Administration) and with Big Business like the Alberta Oil Industry.

As an Ontario Conservative I also don't like how Alberta is bossing around the rest of Canada because of Alberta's economic prosperity (which is driven purely by the high prices of oil recently).

So it really comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils. I don't trust the Conservative Party and there's no way in hell I will ever vote NDP or the Green Party...

And so my options have been limited down to voting Liberal, which is a centrist party. I actually rather like Stephan Dion. He reminds me of Chretien (whom I once hated but now find to be one of Canada's greatest prime ministers).

For me its all about being practical and trying to make the RIGHT decision.

Let me illustrate:

Stephen Harper wrote in a letter to the Canadian Alliance members that Canada can't afford to fight global warming, that Kyoto was a scam created by communists countries and that so-called global warming is caused by pollution.

I read this and thought to myself: "Harper is full of total BS."

Canada can afford to fight global warming and here is why: It would take less than what we spend on the military (which isn't a lot I admit) to invest in research/technology that would allow Canada to fight global warming, become a leader in it and eventually make a profit selling the technology to other countries.

Communist scam? Who is Harper marketing to? Old people from Cold War? He made no sense whatsoever.

Fact: Global Warming/Climate Change is not caused by "pollution", its caused by Green House Gases (CO2) from coal plants and inefficient automobiles.

All Canada needs to do is invest in more efficient automobile technology (ie. hybrids, hydrofuel cells, etc) and get rid of the coal plants and switch to nuclear/renewables.

The biggest contributor to green house gases is coal plants. Get rid of those and we've at least accomplished half of the goal.

Methinks the real reason Harper doesn't like the whole Kyoto plan is because he hails from the Alberta Oil Industry and is basically a dirty politician working on their behalf.

And there's nothing I hate more than a dirty politician.

I think Canadians need to step back from the situation and weigh their options. Be practical about things and try to think conservatively. We need to conserve oil, not waste it. More efficient cars is a good idea.

We need to stop using coal (a 18th century technology) and starting using more nuclear (a 20th century technology) and more solar/wind power (because I'm all in favour of paying less for my hydro bill).

Think about it. Maybe the most conservative thing to do is to vote Liberal. I may not agree with them on some other issues, but those issues aren't really as important as the ones currently facing us and the Liberals are actually on the right track.

Sometimes being conservative means doing nothing, which seems to be Stephen Harper's approach. Sometimes being conservative means doing everything we can to save what we have, and perhaps that time is now.

So yes, thats right. I'm conservative and I'm voting Liberal. How eccentric is that?