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Friday, January 31, 2014

The end is near for Stephen Harper's political career

I have not wrote on this blog for awhile but I think I will start doing so again.

The reason is because the end is near for Stephen Harper's political career and it is time for new leadership for the Conservative Party.

With all the scandals Stephen Harper is now the butt of jokes in much the same way Rob Ford is. For the first time in years it has become clear that it is time for change.

Unfortunately that change is likely to be the Liberal party. A bunch of middle-of-the-road socialists who like to sit on the fence most of the time.

Or worse, the lefty NDP nutjobs with their bleeding hearts which would spend everything on health care, the environment, education, etc.

It makes me realize that the Green Party (which is fiscally conservative but environmentally friendly) actually sounds like a realistic option now.

I am okay with the Green Party being tough on the oil and coal industries. Totally fine with it. Better than the laissez faire write-me-a-cheque approach that Stephen Harper has been taking. Everyone knows Stephen Harper has been on the payroll of the Alberta oil industry since the Reform Party years.

And then there is the Keystone oil pipeline - which the Conservative Party is desperate to get built so they can get millions of dollars in kickback money. If they don't get that oil pipeline built with the cooperation of the Americans then the Conservative Party may indeed run out of money when their sponsors in the Alberta oil industry decide maybe it is time for change.

Which makes you realize what Canadians vote for doesn't really matter. What matters is what the Alberta oil tycoons think and do.