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Friday, January 31, 2014

Real Men use Guns and Crossbows

I find all the fuss about the Hunger Games and archery recently is rather funny.

In my opinion real men use guns - and sometimes crossbows, because crossbows are really badass.

And okay, maybe compound bows. Compound bows are pretty great for hunting.

But wimpy recurve bows like Katniss Everdeen? Or longbows? I am sorry. They look pretty lame.

From what I can tell most of the fuss is from teenage girls and young women who have probably never even held either a bow or a gun in their lives.

You want to see a real weapon? Look at Daryl Dixon's crossbow in The Walking Dead. Effing awesome.

Now I want to point out something wonderful.

I live in Canada. I am proud to be a Canadian. But I am also proud of Canada's laws concerning crossbows.


Because you don't need a license to buy a crossbow. Nada. Just go into any hunting store that has crossbows, plunk down $800 to $1200 and you can get yourself a crossbow. No license whatsoever.

Same goes with compound bows. No license needed to buy one. Costs about $500 to $1000 for everything you need.

Now if you want to hunt with it, that is a different story. You need a hunting license and hunting tags, which is really easy to get. And then it is just a matter of waiting until hunting season.

Or depending on what you are hunting for, eg. hunting grouse, wild turkey, waterfowl, then there is less restrictive hunting seasons.