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Monday, March 3, 2008

Stephen Harper knew about Bribery

Harper Knew of Conservative Bribery, but denies endorsing it.

February 29th 2008.

Canadians were shocked to hear Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s admission that he knew members of the Conservative Party tried to bribe former British Columbia MP Chuck Cadman in exchange for his vote, the Liberal Opposition said today.

“In an interview, Mr. Harper was asked explicitly about the insurance offer,” said Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale during Question Period in the House of Commons. “He did not deny it. In fact, he confirmed an offer was made. He told Conservative officials to ‘make the case’ to Mr. Cadman.

“Did the Prime Minister know that making such an offer would be an indictable offense under the criminal code?”

Mr. Goodale was referring to a taped conversation between journalist Tom Zytaruk and Stephen Harper in 2005, revealing that Mr. Harper was aware that Conservative officials tried to bribe the terminally ill MP in exchange for his vote.

“Donna Cadman has repeatedly confirmed that Conservatives offered her husband life insurance benefits to buy his vote” said Mr. Goodale. “The government has attacked the word of Mrs. Cadman, but her story is consistent. It's confirmed by her daughter and by the Prime Minister's own words.”

Mr. Goodale pointed out that under the existing Parliamentary life insurance plan, MPs who no longer sit in Parliament are able to keep their insurance policies. However, the premiums go up and the benefits go down.

“Did the Conservatives offer to make up that difference in exchange for Mr. Cadman's vote?” asked Mr. Goodale.

The Liberal Opposition believes it is time for Mr. Harper to stop preaching accountability and start being honest with Canadians by explaining everything he knows about the shocking allegations of illegal and unethical bribery.