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Friday, March 7, 2008

Barack Obama Vs Canada

Or more specifically, Barack Obama's assistant vs Prime Minister Harper's chief of staff...

There has been a lot of press on the subject of a memo sent from Barack Obama's assistant and how Prime Minister Harper's chief of staff leaked it to the press. Perhaps even deliberately leaked it to hurt Obama's presidential campaign.

Hopefully I am not the first person to say this: Who the fuck cares? Big whoop-dee-do.

In the States the press are saying it proves that Barack Obama is two-faced when it comes to him talking about backing out of NAFTA (or negotiating a NAFTA II which would allow the USA more control over Canadian laws that interfere with trade).

The memo, essentially, said not to worry about Obama's rhetoric on the subject, he was just trying to drum up extra support. In otherwords he was lying to get more votes.

Whoop-dee-do. Politicians do that all the time. We even regularly catch them in their gaffs, lies and missteps. As long as they are not preaching "Death to some minority group!" we usually don't pay much attention.

Stephen Harper has done way worse things as Prime Minister than simply say a few words and badmouth the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)...

He cut funding to women's shelters, women's groups and child daycare centres.

He selectively censored movies containing any homosexual, sexual or violent themes within Canadian-made movies. If a movie producer wants to make a movie on a controversial theme like spousal abuse they now have to make it in the USA because Canada's tax laws are too strict and unfair. The new changes have basically forced many Canadian movie companies to move south of the border.

He dilly-dallied on same sex marriage and eventually allowed it. He tried to get rid of it, and likely might try again if he ever got a majority government.

He refused to back the Kyoto Accord and now it is too late for Canada to meet any of the accord's expectations. Instead Canada will actually be INCREASING its greenhouse gas output.

He publicly supported Brain Mulroney and tried to keep the Karlheinz Schreiber bribery quiet until it hit the media, at which point he did a 180 degree turn and is now publicly avoiding Brian Mulroney and the bribery scandal.

Harper now has his own bribery scandal to deal with. In 2005 the Conservative party offered Chuck Cadman, now dead, a $1,000,000 life insurance policy to be collected by his wife and daughter after he died in exchange for his vote in the House of Commons on a crucial. Cadman refused the offer and sided with the Liberals. The problem with this scandal however is that Stephen Harper was caught on audio tape admitting his own party was trying to bribe Cadman during the time of the actual event.

So lets see... Stephen Harper hates women, gays and the Canadian film industry. He thinks climate change is a hoax and the oil industry pays for his pension. He also has two bribery scandals and a leaked memo to deal with...

And Stephen Harper is leading a minority government that is teetering on collapse, and yet somehow we're not having an election.

The thing is, something else is bound to happen. Sooner or later some piece of straw will break the camel's back and then there will be a significant drop in the polls.

And then the Liberals will call an election, because they can do so at any time right now.

What the Conservatives need, sorry to say it, is to lose that election, have a leadership convention and elect a new party leader who isn't corrupt.

Lest we forget Stephen Harper was only meant as a temporary leader as a replacement for Stockwell Day. He was never meant to become Prime Minister.

What we need is a younger, more fit and vibrant version of Joe Clark or Brian Mulroney... I wonder if Ben Mulroney is interested in politics?

Oh... and before I forget... what American in their right mind would vote for someone who's name sounds like Osama bin Laden? Barack Obama may be able to say all the right words and be squeeky clean in many ways, but his name, just his name, is problematic.

Most voters in the USA don't even pay attention to who is running until it is almost election day. Some just pick a name out of hat or flip a coin. Having a name that sounds like a known terrorist is not a winning feature.

And even if he does beat Hillary Clinton and manages to fend off Republican John McCain to win the presidency, it has long been foretold that racist groups in the USA would shoot the first black president at the first opportunity.

Which then raises the question of who would be the vice president and running mate? John Edwards? Hillary Clinton? America could end up with a president they didn't quite expect if such a thing happened.

I imagine security will be tight during the election, and if it isn't, then I question the loyality of the security guards and US Secret Service for not protecting the presidential candidates and/or president properly.

I also am curious to see whether any leftwing or rightwing militant will try and shoot George W. Bush after he is out of office. With the amount of hatred he has stirred up there must be at least a hundred would-be assassins just waiting for relaxed security so they can pop one into him.

If you do a poor enough job as leader you will either get tossed out of office or someone will use you for target practice.