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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The How's and Why's of getting called a Cunt

Most women never deserve to be called a cunt.

Most women are generally nice people and deserve to be treated with Respect.

But when you go out of your way to mean to other people there are specific instances when I think those particular women deserve to get the C-word as a response.

Here's two examples wherein I have personally called a woman a Cunt and I feel in those circumstances they deserved it.

I was in Toronto, at the Yonge/Bloor subway station carrying a box of breakables and I was walking parallel to the train rails (right on the yellow line for anyone familiar with the TTC subway) and this 30-something woman ahead of me was walking the opposite way carrying nothing but a purse.

Had she been pushing a baby carriage, or been pregnant, disabled, or carrying an even bigger box I would have stepped aside and let her pass. Nope. She was carrying nothing but a purse, so I kept walking in a straight line figuring she would have no trouble stepping to one side.

But she did have trouble with it. Apparently "I" got in her way. So when she did finally step to the side she took her time to say "Asshole."

I was immediately shocked that she could be so rude to a man carrying a box, but I was quick witted enough to very quickly say "Cunt."

And I feel she deserved it.

In the second example I was standing in the line at Tim Hortons (an instance all of us Canadians have done at some time). It was a long lineup and I was waiting for 20 minutes, possibly going to be late for work. Just as I near the counter the woman in front of me starts letting not one, but ALL of her co-workers (about 5 of them) to butt in front of her.

At which point I politely asked "What are you doing? What about the rest of us waiting here?"

"Well these are my co-workers and she's going to buy me a coffee."

"And what about the rest of us waiting here? Are your co-workers planning to buy us all coffees?"

She just laughed at me.

I was so furious I very nearly punched her. She got off lightly with being called a Cunt.

So yes, I think you will agree, there are women out there who are so rude that they deserve to be called a Cunt. If the particular instance warrants I fully agree with people using the word.

Bitch just wouldn't satisfy the full gravity of the situation.

Only Cunt is the proper word to express in certain situations.